This website is intended to serve as a resource for FAA Designated Pilot Examiners and examiners in training and as a discussion catalyst for issues relating to examiners and a location for examiner related resources. The content is intended to provide resources, links and information, news updates on designee related topics, and sharing of discussion between DPEs around the United States.

This site is available to those who are designed by the FAA as Pilot Examiners or are in training to be examiners, and any parts of the webpage that include discussion or sharing of personal files are not available to the general public. The purpose of this is to allow examiners to have free sharing of information inside our own community. It is important that we share information, and recognize that there may be multiple ways to do our jobs correctly. Please share information with courtesy and recognize that the goal is for all of us to share resources to do our jobs in the best possible manner.

Input is welcome from other examiners. Collaboration between DPEs will help us all have better access to information and improve our ability to provide services to the aviation community. It is the express goal of this effort to help all examiners improve our ability to provide high quality testing that meets all current FAA and other regulatory guidance.

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