Current Versions of FAA Order 8900.2C and 8000.95 Chg 4 Available — 2 Comments

  1. is it true that a DPE may conduct a flight test knowing that the oral portion will only be conducted due to knowing weather and conditions will be lower than needed.

    • 8900.2C

      “15. Practical Test Discontinuance. Environmental, mechanical, or personal situations can occur which could cause the test to be discontinued. In such cases, the designee should assure the applicant that he or she has not failed the practical test and should attempt to reschedule the test as soon as possible.

      a. Incomplete Practical Test. The intent of the designee must be to complete the entire practical test in one day. Designees must not schedule the test to be planned as a multiple-day event. Extenuating circumstances may allow for deviations, but must be approved by the managing FAA office. An example of a situation that may warrant a deviation is a lighter-than-air practical test, which requires the flight portion to begin at sunrise. In this case, an office may authorize the designee to plan all lighter-than-air practical tests to be conducted over a 2-day period. This authorization should be maintained in the designee’s file.”